Jim Carrey Grows Massive Beard; The Internet Can’t Handle It

Hey, ready to take a good, hard look at your own mortality?

Jim Carrey has been famous for nearly 30 years now.

Time flies when you're having fun, right? Or when your begging for the unbearable obnoxiousness to stop — it depends on the movie, really.

And while we'll always remember Jim as the fresh-faced funny man in movies like Ace Ventura or The Mask, he's 55 years old these days.

He's looking older, that's just a fact of life. Another fact is that he recently grew out an absolutely enormous beard.

One more fact: the internet can not even deal with change.

Check out Jim's new beard, along with the world's insane overreactions to it.

1. Jim’s Beard

Jims beard
Pretty shocking, right? But also look at the bunny!

2. Is It Really You?!

Is it really you
Jim, please. We need the truth.

3. Is It Robin Williams?

Is it robin williams
Just because Jim looks like he’s been stuck in Jumanji for years doesn’t mean he looks like Robin Williams.

4. Is It Tom Hanks?

Is it tom hanks
Look past the beard, Kate!

5. Is It the Lord?!

Is it the lord
Oh, who can say?

6. It’s Definitely Jim Carrey

Its definitely jim carrey
Come on, it’s not that hard, Twitter.

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