John Cena Has Helped The Big Show To Lose 70 Lbs And Now He’s Absolutely Ripped

In the world of wrestling, people like The Big Show are literal titans – like giants from some ancient mythology, towering over their competitors with necks wider than most torsos, fists the size of breadbaskets and thighs thicker than the trunks of two Norwegian pines. His real name is Paul Wight, although if you want your face to stay the same shape, you’d best not call him by the name on his birth certificate.

He stands more than seven foot tall, weighs 440 pounds (that’s 200 kilograms) and has been billed by the WWE as the “World’s Largest Athlete” since 1999. He’s so huge, he looks like he’s been exposed to gamma radiation like The Incredible Hulk.

What you might not know is that the reason The Big Show is such a behemoth is due to acromegaly: he had a tumour growing on his pituitary gland, which he needed surgery to remove as a teenager in order to halt his out-of-control growth. So despite his famous Herculean physique, Wight is unhappy with his size. That’s why he’s been on a month long journey to shed a serious amount of weight, and has recently lost an incredible 70 lbs.

Now me, I need some serious motivation to even attempt a quick jog round the park, let alone that kind of cardiovascular undertaking. But luckily The Big Show has revealed that he actually received some important encouragement in the form of ex-rival John Cena, who managed to turn Wight’s life around with a simple joke.

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