Josh Duggar to Testify in Ashley Madison Lawsuit

Since it pales in comparison to the news that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, it’s easy to forget about the disgraced reality star’s second sex scandal.

Just months after the world learned that shocking news, a hack on the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison revealed that Josh used the site to try and cheat on Anna Duggar.

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Now, it seems that despite his best efforts, Josh is still unable to move on from his paid attempts at infidelity.

Last year, Josh was sued by Matthew McCarthy, a Los Angeles-based DJ whose picture Duggar used for his dating profiles.

Now, despite the Duggar family’s reported attempts to settle out of court, the suit is going to trial.

Last month, we learned that Josh had been served with papers to ensure that he shows up to court.

Today, we learned that lawyers for McCarthy have every intention of calling Josh to the stand in order to testify.

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Attorney Michelle Iarusso tells Life & Style that Josh will be called to testify, so that the court will “know the extent of the fraudulent conduct.”

Iarusso says Josh’s testimony is key to determining the extent of the damage he did to McCarthy’s public image.

“We need to know if there are people out there who think that they have been in touch with our client because Josh was pretending to be him,” she says.

While Josh’s history of child molestation will not be central to the case, Iarusso says the scandal will be brought up as part of plaintiff’s case:

“That makes my client’s forced association with Duggar all the more painful for him,” she explains.

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“He certainly would rather not have been associated with a child molester. And prospective employers didn’t like it, either.”

McCarthy maintains that Duggar’s use of his photos resulted in irreparable harm to his business and reputation.

In his own testimony, he will reportedly tell the court that he suffered “loss of work and harassment” as a result of his unwitting involvement with the Duggar sex scandals.

No word yet on when the trial will take place.

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