KARDASHIAN Black Seed Oil Leave Conditioner Mist, 118 ml

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Prepare for thermal styling by enhancing hair with lightweight strength and thermal protecting agents. This Leave-in conditioner detangles and smoothes hair for a flawless, frizz-free blowout with shine and bounce.KEY ELEMENTS• Thermal Protection• Smoothing• Frizz ControlPROPRIETARY INGREDIENTS• Black Seed OilKARDASHIAN BLACK SEED OIL LEAVE COND.MIST 118ML
Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Oil Leave-In Conditioner Mist effortlessly detangles unruly hair, leaving it silky smooth and flawlessly frizz-free!
has been specially created to prep hair for heat styling by enhancing hairs’ natural heat protection abilities and boosting its strength

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