Kim Kardashian: SLAMMED for Insensitive Flu Joke

Kim Kardashian is both under the weather and under fire at the moment.

The reality star apparently has a case of the flu, but instead of garnering sympathy from her legion of social media followers, Kardashian has garnered a solid dose of outrage.

All due to a single Tweet.

Kim Kardashian Looks Sleek

“The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met,” Kardashian wrote of her unexpected, illness-based slimdown, just weeks prior to the 2017 Met Gala in New York City on Monday, May 1.

She then added: “lol #6lbsdown.”

Many followers were not laughing out loud, however.

They were aghast that Kim would joke about something as potentially dangerous as the influenza virus.

“Now imagine saying that to your daughter after she gets sick…” one peeved user wrote, while another fumed:

“It sends dangerous messages & supports not being healthy as a valid weight loss technique. But I wonder why eating disorders are so common…”

Kim Kardashian in Gold Dress

Kardashian has since deleted the Tweet, but not before it was widely viewed by critics on the Web.

Other harsh responses to the mesage have included:

  • People also die from the flu…but glad you feeling better.
  • You’re aware of the amount of people that follow you/are inspired by you, right? lots of them being impressionable young people?
  • You’re promoting weight loss in spite of health to thousands of impressionable people who take you very seriously.
  • yes those people who died of flu just looked fab in their coffins! #onpoint.
  • maybe don’t glamorize sickness for weight loss.

​Look: Do people die from the flu? Yes.

Do most people die from the flu? No.

Does Kim Kardashian often say and do dumb stuff that make us question whether she realizes the impact she has on young girls? Absolutely.

But where’s the outage when Kim and her sisters waist train? There’s an example of something Kim is directly, specifically promoting to her fans… and something that is wholly unhealthy and ridiculous.

Kim Kardashian on a Stage

This, however?

As much we typically love to pile on the anti-Kim Kardashian train, we just can’t muster up any real anger over what Kim clearly meant to be a joke.

At least she’s trying, right?

The quips and zingers typically fall to Khloe Kardashian, the one sister with an actual personality and sense of humor.

We’re just glad to see Kim attempting to act in any way that isn’t over-rehearsed, scripted and wooden. And we don’t appear to be alone.

“I’m in love with the fact that people don’t understand your humor. It’s shallow humor, but still… this is a joke people.” wrote one fan, while another also showed her support as follows:

“For God sakes people relax, it was a joke, Kim, hope you feel better soon, sending you love and well wishes from Canada.”

Kardashian, of course, has obsessed over her weight ever since she became famous.

Lasrt July, seven months after giving birth, she gushed over her figure to E! News.

“I’m definitely to my goal weight. I’m down more than I expected,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said at the time, giving credit to a certain strategy and company by adding:

“The Atkins diet was so easy for me because there’s so many sweets and treats that keep you satisfied along the way. I think with the help of all of that it’s been super easy.”

What do YOU think of Kim’s Tweet?

Did it deserve these kind of replies?

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