Leaked Video Of Drunk Politician Behaving Terribly Effectively Ruins His Career

Politicians have been at the centre of their fair share of scandals and public mishaps over the years.

Perhaps it is due to their relentless presence in the public eye, the pressures of the job, or simply a loud minority wreaking havoc for the rest of politics’ more stand-up citizens. Of course, there is no way of knowing for sure, but scandal has certainly rocked the careers of politicians with regularity of late.

In the United Kingdom an MP’s expenses scandal rocked the very core of parliament a few years ago, culminating in embarrassment and even court appearances for some politicians, and a renewal of the healthy distrust that many hold for members of parliament.

Back in the United States of America, need I even mention the run up to last year’s election and the allegations that refused to desist since? Though hardly a “scandal” the divisive, vociferous rhetoric of the Trump campaign shocked many, and Hilary Clinton’s DNC email scandal certainly became a focal point for analysts and commentators as election day drew nearer. Then there came the astonishing insinuations against the Trump campaign (and later, administration) of perceived links to Russia that have dogged the President and his team for a long time now, resulting in the dismissal of key official Michael Flynn.

Sometimes, nonetheless, the behaviour of a politician resulting in scandal and embarrassment is far more base and less-far reaching. Take, for example, Brian McDowell, a Republican candidate running for the state Assembly in South Jersey, who has seen his party withdraw their support for him following a lewd video featuring the would-be politician making aggressive sexual remarks to a woman in a bar.

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