LiLy An Artificial Intelligence Robot

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Hellen Keller

LILY, is an artificial intelligent bot that proves to us that devices too can connect to us in a way just like a close friend.
LILY, can understand our voice, talk back to us like a friend , ​
understand various voice commands, detect and identify objects ​
shown to her, ​read
out aloud ​anything that we show her.
LILY is made using AIML, uses image processing on python and Machine learning on cloud APIs, python STT and TTS. all of it is on a raspberry pi, powered autonomous robot. Which is controlled through bluetooth voice commands.
The future of LILY lies in the concept that whether we can put emotions into her. Can LILY track our emotions and understand us. Can she connect to us emotionally?

Lily was selected for a project demonstration session at IEEE International Symposium of Human Robot Interaction, RO-MAN 2016, Columbia University, NY.

“Putting Emotions Into Devices” – Project LiLy

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  1. this is known as political engineering , buying a product , customizing its operation ,doing nothing and getting good grades . haha Universities can be fooled ,but the real world tests the persona of the product. Lilly is not your baby . Make your own

  2. this is not a learning robot it implements some of the features from AI
    it got speech recognition and computer vision but it can't learn from you this is what i found from your presentation

  3. is it something like IBM Watson ?? can u share more details of this project ? is it a open source project ? which technology is running behind ?

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