Madison Channing Walls: Who is Javi’s New Squeeze?

Javi Marroquin has allegedly moved on from Kailyn Lowry.

Not entirely, of course, as he's writing a hate-filled tell-all about his ex-lover and the mother of his child.

In the bedroom, however, insiders tell In Touch Weekly that Javi is now dating Madison Channing Walls, raising an important question for fans of this Teen Mom star:

Who is Madison Channing Walls?!?

Get to know her below…

1. The Photo That Prompted the Rumor

Madison channing walls and javi
Well, well, well, look right here! It sure looks like Javi Marroquin has found a new lover in Madison Channing Walls, doesn’t it?

2. She Has a Daughter

Madison channing walls daughter
Her name is Harper and Madison created her with ex-boyfriend Tony Raines, who also appeared on The Real World.

3. She Appeared on a Season of The Real World

She appeared on a season of the real world
The Real World: Skeletons, to be exact, which evidently really did air on MTV.

4. She Got Started Young

Madison channing walls
Walls was a child actress, prior to appearing on The Real World: Skeletons. You wouldn’t be familiar with her credits.

5. She Was Hooked on Heroin

Madison channing walls picture
When Walls was first introduced on The Real World, she was billed as a “recovering heroin addict looking for a fresh start.”

6. But…

Madison channing walls photo
… Walls has been clean and sober for over two years now. Good for her!

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