Man risks life by venturing dangerously close to lava, captures unique visuals of lava reactions

Lava… it’s murderous and destructive but it’s also incredibly cool to look at. Lava is molten rock that flows out of a volcano during an eruption. It can be as hot as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can spontaneously combust into flames. Once it cools, it turns into rock.

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Towns in Hawaii, Italy, and the Phillipenes have been completely destroyed lava.


But there is something about lava that just makes the fiery orange goo so mesmerizing to look at. That’s why Kawika Singson, an extreme hiker and landscape photographer based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, faces extreme danger just to catch the thick liquid on video.


He created a spectacular compilation of up close lava shots that he took on his GoPro that shows lava changing direction and flowing into the ocean.

“From the thousands of back and forth miles that I drove to the hundreds of solo, middle of the night hikes, the window of opportunity for shots such as these were far and few in between and and oh! so dangerous!…but!…I got my shots!” he writes on YouTube.


His footage allows us to get up close and personal with one of nature’s most magnificent wonders. A sight most of us would never get to see otherwise.


“I hope you enjoy some of these rare lava videos, as I don’t think there’s much videos out there shot from directly below an active flowing lava out cropping,” he writes.

You can watch this breathtaking footage of lava vs. water below.

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source: Storyful; featured image credit: OnGoingPro

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