Man Uses Stanley Knife To Cut Open Cyst In Horrifying Video

There’s nothing more annoying than spots. They come in a variety of shapes and forms, can appear out of nowhere (usually right before an important event like a job interview or a date) and getting rid of them is an arduous task. Sometimes getting rid of an ugly zit can be a protracted process. You can feel like you’re fighting a war with your own skin.

You can try bursting them by squeezing the skin around the spot, or poking them with a hot needle, or even leave them alone and hope they recede on their own – pretty difficult when you’re walking about with ten pounds worth of a sort-of mashed potato substance lying underneath your face.

Still, there’s no doubt that when your spots go from just “unpleasant to look at and unseemly” to “oh my god what the hell is that thing doing resting on your face and how do we kill it?” the best advice is to seek professional dermatological help. It would be a really bad idea to try and sort out a serious skin issue yourself.

Unfortunately, one guy decided to take matters into his own hands and operate on a gigantic cyst by performing amateur surgery on his own arm with a Stanley knife. If there’s one thing that YouTube was made for, it’s a good spot-bursting video – but the following footage is so gruesome that it might just put viewers with a nervous disposition off them for life!

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