Meet Samson: New York’s fattest cat who weighs a whopping 28 pounds

You may recall Clifford the Big Red Dog, an adorable children’s book series that details the adventures of a dog that grew up to be larger than expected.

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Now, meet the real-life cat equivalent of Clifford the Big Red Dog: Samson, a Maine Coon who has earned the title of the largest kitty in New York City.

And Samson certainly earns his title as King of the Urban NYC Jungle, measuring in at 4 feet long and weighing a whopping 28 pounds!


Source: The Holidog Times

He’s already bigger than most toddlers, but the best part? He may still have more room to grow.

Despite Samson’s unique size, he’s still a typical, loving cat according to his owner Joseph Zurbel: “He waits by my (bedroom) door and comes in first thing in the morning to sit on my belly. He is very kind and sweet and a very well behaved cat. He is a dream cat.”

Indeed, his unique size doesn’t hinder his quality of life at all. Check out Samson in action in the video below. He is as fluffy as he is adorable.

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This Cat Is The Biggest Cat In NYCNYC’s biggest cat is a huge ball of cuddles!

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