Meghan Markle: Accepted and Adored by Prince Harry’s Family?

Meghan Markle has done quite the job of working her way into Prince Harry’s heart these past several months, hasn’t she?

Oh, to be young and in love with a literal prince …

Meghan Markle in 2015

They’ve just been dating for about six months now, but, as you’ve definitely heard if you’re tuned into hearing things about the royal family and their goings-on, there are already plenty of engagement rumors.

It’s because Harry, little rascal that he is (was?), has had a habit for several years of casually dating a series of blonde British socialites, so for him to be so serious about someone, especially someone so different than anyone’s he’s ever dated, seems pretty special.

He’s been taking insane trips just to spend a tiny amount of time with her, he’s met with her father, there are several reports that she’s quitting acting altogether to be with him.

It’s all very romantic, you see.

Harry da Prince

But, as a member of the royal family in line for the throne, Harry technically has to have the Queen’s permission to marry Meghan.

At this point, it’s really just a nice little tradition, but still, he will almost certainly consult his grandmother before proposing.

So could this put a damper on any wedding plans? Could Meghan’s status as a divorced American actress keep her from getting into the royal family?

According to a new report from The Mirror, nope!

An insider claims that Meghan has spent the past few months meeting the whole royal gang, and “she’s very much been accepted into the family.”

Meghan Markle Red Carpet Image

Because, adorably enough, “They are so happy to see Harry happy.”

And the sweetness just continues because, as an American, Meghan went into her relationship with Harry with basically zero knowledge of how to interact with royals — they’re different than regular people, you know.

But Harry’s aides have been kind enough to make themselves available to her — the source says that “There have been many times where Meghan’s been unsure of protocol and having access to Harry’s aides have been a godsend.”

And for one more cute little tidbit — remember all that drama surrounding Pippa Middleton’s upcoming wedding?

Pippa originally refused to allow Harry to bring Meghan as his date, to which Harry reportedly responded with a nice little “If she’s not coming, I’m not coming routine.”

Prince Harry is Cute

We’d heard that Pippa was hesitant to allow that to happen, “that” being all the fun press that would happen if Harry didn’t show up to the wedding.

And now, with this report, we’re hearing that she’s been able to compromise with Harry: Meghan won’t come to the ceremony, but she is invited to the reception.

So not only has Harry been going out of his way to spend time with Meghan, not only has he done all he can to make her feel welcome in his world, he’s also standing up for her when it counts.

It’s a love story for the ages, y’all.

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