Mom gets an abortion. Then doctors take an ultrasound and realize a secret twin baby survived

Claire Culwell’s life was against all odds from the day she was born, because she never was supposed to be born.

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Claire is one of the very rare instances of a baby surviving an abortion. To add another wrench in the story, she had a twin sister in the womb as well, who unfortunately did not make it after the abortion.

Just 13 when she became impregnated, Claire’s mother was driven to the abortion clinic to have a surgical abortion five months into her pregnancy.

After the surgical abortion was performed, Claire’s mother was urged by a friend in school to get another check-up from the doctor a couple weeks after. Her friend had a feeling something was not right, and she eventually convinced Claire’s mother to go back to the clinic.

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“You’re still pregnant. Your abortion was successful, but you’re still pregnant. You were pregnant with twins,” the doctor informed Claire’s mother.

“You’re still mothering a child in your womb” the doctor told her.

Just two weeks after hearing this shocking news, Claire was born.

Weighing just over 3 pounds, Claire was born with clubbed feet and two dislocated hips.

Claire had to remain in the hospital on life support for over two months before she could be released.

Even after being released, Claire had a large harness on her hips to correct for the dislocation, as well as casts to fixed the clubbed feet.

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Although she had a rough start, Claire is strong and lives a happy life today.

“God has really taught me to rely on Him, that this is not about me, that it’s about Him. It’s about His grace and it’s about His amazing gift of life that He has given us,” Claire proudly told CBN reporters.

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“[God] is able to speak through my story and through my birth mother’s story and share that gift with the world,” said Claire.

Despite the many adversities Claire faced in her early life, she has found strength in her experience through a connection with God, and by sharing this story she is living her life to the fullest and helping promote the value of life.

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[Source: CBN]

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