Mom Notices Guys Acting Strange At The Store And Soon Realizes They’re Human Traffickers

Ah, IKEA. Where would we be without it? It might be fashionable to bemoan the Swedish home store’s many uniquely Scandinavian quirks, but suffice to say that most of us moving into new accommodation would be hopelessly lost without it. Sure the flat-pack furniture is difficult to assemble, the instructions are often obtuse and unintelligible, and the designs themselves are fairly ersatz, but you can’t deny that they sell affordable and convenient furniture most of the time.

Most of the time a trip to IKEA involves nothing more horrifying than emerging, bleary-eyed from the store more than three hours later, laden with miscellaneous articles that were on special offer. But this week for one brave mum, it involves a terrifying encounter with something illicit and criminal, something which almost put her in jeopardy and threatened the lives of her own two children.

Mother-of-three Diandra Toyos, was walking one IKEA store in Southern California, when she started to get a “gut feeling” that pair of well-dressed strangers were following her and her children around. Typically, you’d expect this to be a case of the jitters; butterflies in the stomach brought on by irrational paranoia. But in this instance Diandra’s gut feeling was totally justified. These men weren’t undercover shoppers, or even harmless pranksters. As it turned out, they were actually human traffickers.

Luckily Diandra’s quick thinking managed to deter the two felons, and she managed to escape unharmed. Yet her account of the disturbing encounter has been shared multiple times by other concerned parents on social media. Is your family safe?

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