Mom tells her baby daughter, “I Love You.” Baby’s reply has Internet cracking up

Children are little mimics. They look to Mom and Dad to teach them everything they need to get by in the world. It starts with eating, and sleep routines and later moves on to language, and social skills.

While our children will definitely learn a lot during their lifetimes, one of the most heartwarming is hearing them say “I love you” for the very first time.

In an adorable video uploaded to YouTube by Dennis Neely, we get to see adorable, 15-month old Gemma Kate having a delightful exchange of “I love yous” with her mother Michelle.

The 43-second video begins with Michelle and Gemma Kate sitting on what appears to be a couch.

Michelle looks up at the camera before turning to the 15-month-old girl and singing “I love you” in a high-pitched voice.

As Michelle sings, she stretches the word “you”, and then turns to watch her daughter intently.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

As the camera focuses on the little girl, Gemma Kate, takes a pause before trying to repeat the tune back to her mom.

“Aya Ouuuuuu,” she eventually sings back, stretching her syllables to mimic Michelle’s sing-song effect.

The camera turns back to Michelle, who sings the phrase to her daughter once more. Gemma Kate replies a bit more quickly this time:”Aya Ouuuuuuu”.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

Michelle and Gemma Kate go back-and-forth singing “I love you” approximately 6 times during the video’s length. After the third exchange, Michelle turns and gives Gemma Kate a kiss on the forehead before continuing.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

Since being uploaded to YouTube, Dennis’ video has been viewed over 3.8 million times.

The majority of commenters can’t get over the cuteness of the mother-daughter exchange. YouTube user Brit ‘n Yank writes:

“My wife told me about this and how cute it was. Sure, honey. Yes, I’m sure it was very OH MY GOD THAT’S ADORABLE!!!!

Another user, Sharline Harrilal, comments:

“YAYA HOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I love it, it never fails to make me smile when it comes across my news feed on fb. Thanks for posting it!

As a result of Michelle and Gemma Kate’s “I love you” video hitting 1 million views, the family decided to thank their viewers with another video. This video repeats the “I love you” exchange but also adds in an adorable “Thank Youuuuuu” to their viewers.

See the original “I love you” exchange below, and be sure to check out Dennis’ YouTube channel for more adorable videos starring little Gemma Kate.

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Source: Dennis Neely

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