Mom’s shocked when pitbull runs out of the house, then realizes he’s saving woman from abuse

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but it turns out in this case that this amazing pitbull is actually a Holland woman’s unsuspecting guardian angel. On a Wednesday around midnight, a neighbor’s pitbull broke up a violent domestic dispute.

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33 year-old Steven Schumacher, the aggressor in the shocking attack, was arrested and charged with home invasion and domestic violence.


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According to officials, an intense fight broke out between Schumacher and his estranged wife late Wednesday night. A neighbor’s pitbull, upon seeing a woman being dragged across the street screaming for help, sprang into action.


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The dog in question belongs to a neighbor and is named Blitz, a two-year old pitbull weighing in at just over 100 pounds. Despite pitbulls being famously stereotyped as “violent” and “aggressive”, Biltz’s owner strongly disagrees.

“He’ll protect us when we need it, but he’s a great house pet,” Blitz’s owner told reporters. “He’s great with my kids – it’s wonderful.”


Source: YouTube Screenshot

“It’s so surreal,” Blitz’s owner continued. She heard cries for help and witnessed the violent attack taking place across the street. “I’m still kind of shaken about what could have happened to her.”

According to his owner, Blitz rushed out of the house and began barking at Schumacher which scared the man off. While Blitz did not bite the assailant, he did give Schumacher’s estranged wife enough time to run into Blitz’s home for safety.

Shortly after, police took Schumacher into custody without a struggle.

Thanks to his heroic action, Blitz is slowly changing the misperceptions of pitbulls everywhere. For more information, check out the full video down below.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

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