Mortified Woman Gets Hand Stuck in Toilet, Calls 911

Talk about a crappy day!

And a story that is full of $hit!

And someone who could use a (clean) hand!

Hand in Toilet

Indeed, Gracie Henderson has made headlines for something that happened to her soon after she moved into a new home in New Caney, Texas.

Earlier this month, Henderson told The Houston Chronicle that the entire moving experience was a nightmare for her, considering the following hiccups:

“A water pipe busted in the wall the day I moved in. I got my car stuck in the mud in the front yard. My brand new lawn mower stopped working.”

On April 12, however, things really took a turn for the terrible when her toilet got clogged and she didn’t have a plunger.

Did she run to the store and purchase one? Nope.

Henderson thought she might be able to fix the clogged commode herself. With her bare hand.

First off: YUCK!

Secondly: FAIL!

“I didn’t have a plunger and wasn’t about to call the plumber again!” Henderson explains.

“I was just gonna see if I could feel a wad of toilet paper or something I could just pull out. But then my hand wouldn’t come back out.”

Henderson says her watch got caught inside the toilet, which led to her entire hand getting stuck and no viable option remaining on the table except to call the authorities for assistance.

“It’s not really stuck, I’m not really about to call 911 for this,” Henderson told Inside Edition of her mindset at the time.

Making matters even more embarrassing and ironic? Henderson works as a medic. She’s responded to plenty of emergency phone calls over the years.

“We’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff [as medics], but I have never done a hand stuck in the toilet call,” she told the celebrity news outlet.

That was likely the case beforehand for the fire department officials who arrived on the scene last week and came to Henderson’s rescue at her home.

The operation required removing the toilet from the bathroom, carrying it outside with her hand still in it and then breaking it open with a sledgehammer, according to the Houston Chronicle.

We can only imagine what the neighbors must have been thinking upon witnessing this display.

“We told her to shut her eyes and look away,” firefighter Randy Sustaita told Inside Edition. “I knew [the toilet] was going to break fairly easily.”


Note to Readers: Never underestimate the value of a plunger.

“My son was mortified when all the EMS and fire showed up!!!” Henderson told the newspaper.

He’s probably really glad his mother is sharing the endeavor with reporters, however.

Henderson is now in need of a new toilet for the home, but she already has something that is nearly as important, something she will never be without ever again: a new plunger.

It was donated to her by the good folks at Inside Edition.

“This is my best friend from now on,” she told the program.

toilet hand

That’s good.

Because she probably has no real friends left after this story went viral.

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