My Top 10 romantic movies

Best romantic movies of the last decade

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  1. The Choice; Serendipity; You Got Mail; When Harry met Sally; Sleepless in Seattle; The Proposal; Sabrina; While You Were Sleeping; Two Weeks Notice;; Four Weddings and A Funeral; 12 Men For Christmas ..

  2. my top ten: 10-never been kissed
    9-me before you
    8-crazy,stupid love
    8-10 things i hate about you
    6-the lucky one
    5-warm bodies
    4-sage haven
    3-dirty dancing
    2-a walk to remember
    1-love rosie
    How about that?

  3. I decided to watch remember me and the dude from twilight was certainly cringy during some parts. And everything was expected through out the film but that last part, that scene I cried and I'm still crying.

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