Mystery courier turns tables on Yakuza mobsters

Tokyo has a new hero after a deliveryman refused to be overpowered by two Japanese mobsters attempting to steal a luxury watch.

One of the suspects, Hidekazu Oba, had placed the order for the £6,500 Rolex wristwatch himself.

But when the unidentified 38-year-old deliveryman arrived and handed it over, the two mobsters staged a fight to avoid paying for the delivery.

They reportedly warned him: “you had better get out of here” during their fake altercation, and waved a replica gun in the face of the courier.

He proceeded to snatch the fake weapon and took back the package before calling police.

A former boss of the Japanese Yakuza mob
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Yakuza mobsters live by strict codes of conduct

“The deliveryman was too tough, we were no match for him”, said Oba.

Tokyo police said Oba, 35, and his accomplice Yusuke Kodama, 32, are both gang members from the Matsuba-kai crime syndicate.

They were arrested on suspicion of attempted extortion.

Japan’s Yakuza are notorious for their strict codes of conduct, but they face increased resistance from both police and ordinary citizens who are under pressure to shun the mobs or be exposed.

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