Natural powder for teeth whitening with activated carbon from Infinitive Beauty – clearly widen teeth in a natural way

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Natural tooth whitening powder from Infinitive Beauty

Let your teeth shine! – With the help of natural tooth whitening powder with activated carbon.

The ingredients are 100% natural and allow a gentle way to whiten the teeth. The powder removes in the course of time various varieties, such as, for example, coffee or tea, completely without chemicals and bleaches. The powder is suitable for sensitive teeth and can be used daily before normal toothpaste. The pleasant mint flavor also ensures a fresh breath.

This method is safer than whitening strips, since no whitening and no peroxide is used and the activated carbon powder does not damage the tooth melt, but naturally brightens the teeth.


Simply brush the wet toothbrush into the powder and then brush the teeth for about 2 minutes. Then thoroughly clean the toothbrush. It is best to use your own toothbrush for the powder. Then use her normal toothpaste as usual.

The natural activated carbon powder helps to lighten your teeth and reliably remove spots and discolorations from the tooth surface, so that you can look forward to beautiful white teeth.
The tooth whitening powder is 100% natural, with coconut shell, natural activated charcoal and pure mint
Tooth whitening without pain sensitivity – The gentle formula brightens your teeth over time and removes various discolorations (for example of coffee, tea, wine, tobacco or curry) completely without chemicals and bleaches. The tooth whitening powder is perfect for sensitive teeth and can be used daily after normal toothpaste.
No whitening and no peroxide – so the activated carbon powder is more effective and safer than whitestrips or other tooth whitening products that can damage your tooth melt. The gentle and natural tooth whitener from Infinitive Beauty strengthens the tooth floss and ensures healthier teeth.
Let your teeth shine!

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