Neighbors complain about putrid smell from home – officials find 139 animals in horrific condition

On October 16th, officials seized more than 130 animals from a home in Fayetteville, Ohio in a case they’re calling a “farmyard of horrors.”

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An anonymous neighbor called officials after being concerned about the smell coming from the back garden of the Fayetteville home. According to Brown County Humane Society, 139 dogs, sheep, goats, chicken and rabbits were rescued from horrendous living conditions at the Ohio home.


Source: BBC News Screenshot

The conditions were in such a state that the Broke County Humane Society described it as “deplorable.”

Viewers discretion is advised. Some readers may find these images disturbing.

At the “horror” site, some animals were found dead while many of them were barely surviving due to the filthy conditions. Many of the animals were also suffering from starvation and were confined in very small spaces.


Source: BBC News Screenshot

“It was just crazy,” said Renee Bates of the Humane Society. “It was just crazy town. I don’t even know how else to put it.”

If you look at the image below, this chicken was left dead in still water. It’s no wonder neighbors called officials about the putrid smell coming from this home.


Source: BBC News Screenshot

The Humane Society along with the Brown County Animal Shelter have already found new homes for a large number of the animals; however, they won’t be moved until they’ve been nursed back to health.

Bates says, “Pen after pen after pen of neglected animals, with no food and water.”


Source: BBC News Screenshot

On the first day of rescue, the rescue team caught “118 starved, sick and injured chickens,” according to the Brown County Humane Society.

“The look of relief on their little faces when we took them out of the trucks and put them down on the grass at their new home was priceless,” they said.


Source: BBC News Screenshot

The homeowner, who isn’t currently facing charges because he gave up the animals, told officials he was going to try to feed his family on the animals, but an investigation is still ongoing.

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[Source: BBC News ]

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