niceEshop(TM) Silicone Pillow Soft Massage Face Pillow SPA Beauty Salon Care Cushion Silicon Facial Relax Head Cradle Cushion for Skin Care Relax, Round

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Item Type: Face Massage Pillow
Fabric: Plastic Film
Filler: Silicone
Size: The diameter of pillow about 28cm, thickness about 3cm
Application: suitable for the bed of beauty parlor and can be placed at the hole in the bed.
Effect: after use, no wrinkles on face, no marks, no headache when you bow down.
Usage: when it is need to massage back and body, just let the customer lying on the beauty bed with their face down, and with the silicone pillow on the hole of beauty bed to replace the towel.

Package include:
1 x Silicone Pillow

Please note:
1> niceeshop(TM) is a registered trademark and the only authorized seller of niceeshop branded products.
2> niceeshop provide you various kinds of great products at the lowest possible prices, welcome to our store and get what you want !!!
3> niceeshop highly appriciate all customers’ opinions to improve the selling ,also if anything you unsatisfied, pls contact our customer service department for probable best solution.Soft silicone face pillow beauty SPA massage cushion, keep your face in a comfort and relaxing position while you get a SPA massage
Inside filler is medical silicone, close to the body fat softness, close to the natural body color, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, soft, hand feel fine and flexible, good pressure, easy to keep and wash, which is comfortable, durable, healthy and also eco-friendly
Silicone pillow soft and comfortable, protect your face from pain caused by long time lying with face down, long tummy will not wrinkle, hot days with cold do not sweat
It can be placed on the hole of the beauty bed to offer a soft and comfortable feeling, enhance your respiratory and sleep effects, also can be used when students and worker have lunch break
Size: The diameter of pillow about 28cm, thickness about 3cm

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