On the day their divorce is finalized, this dad sends flowers and a touching note to mom

Marriages are not easy, but divorces are even harder. The process is rigorous and time-consuming, not to mention it is all handled during a time of heartbreak for the married couple and strenuous difficulty regarding custody if there are any children involved.

And in this difficult time, sometimes divorces can get incredibly vicious. Whether it’s celebrities battling it out in the public eye or friends or co-workers suddenly making you choose sides, the whole process is hard for all parties involved.

But one divorcing couple reminds us that it is possible to still remain amicable with your ex, and do your best to keep your family whole.

This was the case for one Texas family from the city of Pearland. After 19 years of marriage, Jennifer, 40, and Jason Lynn, 42, decided to end their union.


Source: Morgan Lynn

And Jason performed a touching gesture that speaks monumentally about his character.

On the day their divorce became finalized, Jason sent his ex-wife Jennifer a bouquet of flowers along with a signed note that read, “Always Gonna Be You”.


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

Jason’s 17-year-old daughter, Morgan Lynn, was so touched by the gesture that she “immediately cried.”

According to his daughter, not only were the flowers Jennifer’s favorite, but her father would send her flowers whenever his former wife was having a bad day.

Morgan posted a photo of her father’s sweet action on Twitter, where the photo quickly went viral.

Morgan told TODAY, “I’ve gotten multiple responses [saying], ‘Praying for your family.’ [It] meant a lot that people have reached out and are able to say that. It’s great knowing that other people are supportive.”

The select words Jason chose for his note also mean more than meets the eye.

“Always Gonna Be You” is the title of a country ballad by Kenny Chesney, and the couple had danced to Chesney’s song, “You Had Me at Hello”, at their wedding.

As a result, Jason decided Chesney’s “Always Gonna Be You” song would poignantly signify the end of their relationship.

“My dad said that he had heard the song a couple months ago … and thought that that was their bookend,” Morgan said.

So far, the tweet has been liked by over 230,000 people. The kind response to her parents’ story has helped comfort Morgan and her three siblings during their difficult time.

“It’s comfortable knowing that they still are friends and still will be friends for all of us.”

Jason and Jennifer serve as a reminder that not every divorce has to end in bitter resentment. In a world already full of strife and conflict, it’s so nice to see this couple make an effort to keep their relations friendly, and ultimately keep family whole.

Best wishes to the Lynn family this holiday season.

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[Source: TODAY]

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