People Think These Photos Prove Eminem Has Been Dead For 12 Years

The internet is the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theorists, providing us with endless hours of bizarre YouTube videos to fill our free time with. From 9/11 to JFK’s assassination, conspiracy obsessives around the world sure do love to get their teeth into the world’s biggest events.

There’s one massive conspiracy theory however, that’s never been talked about in the news, and has managed to slip under the radar for decades. In order to better understand the theory, all you need to do is ask the following question: will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

This conspiracy theory suggests that Eminem died 13 years ago after a stint in rehab turned into a death sentence. In 2005, Eminem went into a drug rehab for his sleeping pill addiction. The following year, his friend Proof died. Many conspiracy theorists believe these two incidents were enough to send Eminem spiralling towards suicide.

Then, to keep on milking the Slim Shady cash cow, Eminem’s agents decided to replace the rapper with an imposter. Theorists point to the marked differences in Eminem’s appearance as “proof” of the rapper’s replacement with an android or lookalike.

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