People’s Magazine’s Most Beautiful Women: From Julia to… Julia!

These are the celebrities People Magazine has named Most Beautiful Woman each year since 2000.

Do you agree with the selections?

1. Julia Roberts People Cover

Julia roberts people cover
Julia Roberts was the Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 2000. Hard to argue with that selection, isn’t it?

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones People Cover

Catherine zeta jones people cover
In 2001, People dubbed Catherine Zeta-Jones the Most Beautiful Woman in the world. Well done to snag her, Michael Douglas!

3. Nicole Kidman People Cover

Nicole kidman people cover
Nicole Kidman was a clear-cut A-lister in 2002. And she was honored as such by People.

4. Halle Berry People Cover

Halle berry people cover
Man oh man. Has Halle Berry aged at all since she covered this magazine in 2003?????

5. Jennifer Aniston People Cover

Jennifer aniston people cover
Jennifer Aniston was the Most Beautiful Woman around in 2004. And she still is, many believe.

6. Julia Roberts Most Beautiful Cover

Julia roberts most beautiful cover
It’s Julia Roberts again! The actress nabbed the Most Beautiful Woman honor for the second time in 2005.

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