PETA Animal Cruelty – Food Inc Movie Health Sanitation Abuses – Go Vegetarian or Vegan,,,, (RD),


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  1. Also, in my life-science class we have been taught that animals and humans are the same, so basically it’s cannibalism and your eating your own kind and WATCH THIS F-ING VIDEO

  2. This is not right. I'm in true sadness and confusion. Just why. They are ALIVE. Not just meat producers. Real living things,why can't people see that. Animals. Deserve. A. Life. This disgusting and horrible

  3. maybe,are,for,crocodiles,from,farms,or,zoo,too…why,they,not,give,them,thr,rats,from,zoos,are,big,hamsters?!people,must,be,free,first,not,to,work,if,they,do,not,wanna,for,their,animals,

  4. I mean a vegan or vegetarian diet is saving animals but it's the God damn circle of life. If the pigs evolved to have laser eyes maybe we wouldn't kill them and no its video did not move me one bit…I still love bacon, burgers, and fried chicken. Let's see how many people are butthurt

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