Police rescue a lost hamster, then give him a forever home

Typically when we call the police, it’s in emergency situations that demand immediate attention. Depending on your definition of “emergency,” this story might not meet those strict requirements. It all started with a group of patients in a hospital in Berlin, Germany who noticed a hamster outside their window hiding in a bush outside. They reasoned that he must’ve been abandoned and they were concerned about the animal.

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Shortly thereafter, the Berlin Police Department got a phone call from the patients, informing them about the lost hamster. Although the call might seem frivolous, the police took the request seriously.


Source: facebook.com/PolizeiBerlin

When the officers on duty found the hamster, they were immediately charmed by him and gave him a new name: Sir Henry. After that, they put him in an empty box which had previously housed latex gloves and made him pose for a few photos before bringing him back to the police station.


Source: facebook.com/PolizeiBerlin

Back at the station, everyone quickly decided to make the little guy feel at home. They made him a bed of hay and naturally, kept taking photos with him around the place. Although the police had originally arranged for the little guy to be picked up by an animal shelter, the decision didn’t stick for long.


Source: facebook.com/PolizeiBerlin

After only a day in the shelter, one of the officers from the station stopped by again and decided to adopt the animal. According to one of the officers, Sir Henry has been “warmly welcomed” as part of the Berlin Police Department. While the hamster was not officially hired by the police, the internet has an imagination of its own. Needless to say, Sir Henry’s story has become popular online and has even garnered some of its own fan art.


Source: twitter.com/CaptainHanyuu

Though it may seem slight, this story brings a smile to our faces for many reasons. Although the calling the police is generally meant for only the most serious situations, it’s pretty heartwarming that Berlin’s finest thought that this situation qualified.

After meeting little Sir Henry, the police couldn’t even bear to part with him. Though this hamster isn’t an official police officer yet, maybe with time the department will come to their senses and bring him into the fold. Stay tuned!

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