PYRUS Whitening Wax Warmer Family Beauty Parlor Paraffin Waxes Heater SPA Apparatus 3000ML

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1.- Cut wax to small piece, put the wax in the heater to melt
2.- Brush the melted wax on dry & clean skin, brush along the direction of hair growth
3.- Tear the wax quickly against the direction of hair growth
4.- Clean the skin with wax cleaning fluid or makeup remover.
5.- Use lotions and creams.

Capacity: 3000ML
Product Size: L36 * W24 * H16cm
Pot material:High-temperature aluminum
Pot size:17.5 * 24 * 9cm
Wax level: lowest position 6.5cm, highest position 9cm
Rated power: 290W
Rated voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 2kg/pc
Waxes can be reused 30-35 times, but for face must use new waxes.
Come with international standard plug, safe and convenient to use.
Contain a environmental insulating panel,protect hands being hurt by the hot pot bottom

Package includes:
1x Wax heater
1 x Power plug
1x Manual

Beauty care products might have vary effect for different kinds of skins.If you have any doubts about our product,please feel free to contact us immediately. We will offer a quick solution for you.

Heater for all wax,include hair removal wax, solid wax, paraffin hand wax, beauty wax,etc.Waxes do not provide.
Easy to operate. Buttons “0” turn off, “1” working with default temperature.
The inner pot is made of High-temperature aluminum, with good thermal conductivity and long lifetime.
Beauty wax contains many nutrients, melt the wax and apply it on body,it can remove aging cells , improve dry and rough skin, increase skin elasticity, create soft and smooth skin. It can also expanding blood vessels and promote blood circulation.
Please note : 1.- Do not use/storage it in wet places, like bathroom 2.- Do not let water in pot/wax 3.- Cut off the electric when not use or when get water in 4.- Damaged skin can not use wax (varicose veins, abscesses, injuried, sunburn, skin irritation, and so on) 5.- Within 24 hours of hair removal do not bathe nor under sunshine too long.

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