Rob Kardashian Breaks Down Over Losing Blac Chyna on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Remember back in December when Blac Chyna cleaned out the house she shared with Rob Kardashian, taking baby Dream and leaving Rob left with nothing but a broken heart?

Of course you do. How could you ever forget?

Chyna took everything from Dream's nursery and ran after certain messages were leaked on her Instagram account.

Those messages were all about Rob — about how she planned on getting herself that Kardashian name, a handful of Kardashian money, and if "lazy, fat, insecure" Rob didn't get it together within a year, she'd just leave.

At the time, Rob documented what happened on Snapchat, but you know those Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameras were there, too.

And now we're seeing some of the footage of what happened after Chyna left.

Fair warning: it's pretty darn pitiful.

In this new sneak peek from Sunday's new episode of the show, Kim Kardashian and Corey Gamble go visit Rob to check on him, since he seemed pretty down about losing his fiancee and his newborn baby.

Corey explains to Rob that people were concerned because they believed he was suicidal, but Rob says that he just wanted people to know that Chyna hurt him.

"The fact that you say 'if he doesn't have his sh-t together in a year I'ma drop him," he says. "Like, who are you to say 'I'ma drop you'?"

He says this to Corey and Kim, who are both paying attention to their phones and not to Rob.

Klassic Kardashians.

Corey warns him not to get back with Chyna because it never works out — "she tries, but she just can't do it," he tells him.

Meanwhile, Kim reminds Rob that she and Chyna go way back (remember, they used to be good friends years ago), but that "just seeing the motives is what's hurtful."

Rob agrees, but feels that he needs to hear about Chyna's motives from her, in person, but Kim says that she'd never say any of that to his face.

To be fair to Chyna, it would be kind of difficult to sit down with the man you'd been dating for the past year, the man you'd just had a baby with, and tell him that you're just with him for money and fame.

In a confessional, Kim tells us that Rob and Chyna's relationship has never been healthy, and that Rob has to take responsibility for his part in that. 

"This just like all has to stop," she says, voicing exactly what we've been thinking for the past year now.

"It's so clear what this relationship is," she adds, "and that they're just not meant to be with each other."

But still, Rob insists that if Chyna can agree to marry him and have a baby with him, those feelings can't be fake.

The clip ends with Kim reminding him that in this relationship, he's the one who has the power — apparently since he's the one who has the things Chyna wants.

Really, the whole thing is just kind of tragic to see.

Watch the whole thing go down for yourself in the clip below:

Rob breaks down over losing blac chyna on keeping up with the ka

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