Ryan Edwards: Is He on Drugs? Again?!

Ryan Edwards just can’t catch a break.

Not because life’s been hard on him or anything — it’s because he’s always made terrible choices, he’s always had a terrible attitude, and he’s really just terrible in general.

Ryan Edwards Pic

But still.

Right now, Ryan is facing some criticism for something that could, for once, be totally out of his control.

See that photo above? That’s one Ryan’s fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, shared on Instagram¬†recently.

As you can see, he’s gained a little bit of weight and, at 27 years old, he’s already got a solid amount of grey in his hair. We saw a similar appearance in this week’s season premiere of Teen Mom OG.

And, thanks to that appearance, and also his inability to be on time for anything ever, fans are concerned that he’s abusing drugs. Again.

If you’ll remember, Ryan was acting pretty peculiar on the last season of Teen Mom OG, and he had a bad case of Crazy Eyes — and both of those things led people to believe he was high.

Ryan Edwards high?

People hopped on social media to theorize about Ryan’s possible drug problems, and now, people are doing the same.

“Ryan Edwards is so strung out it’s so hard to watch,” one Twitter user wrote after Monday’s premiere.

“Am I the only one that thinks Ryan is constantly high as sh-t on Teen Mom?” another asked.

It looks like people are beginning to get concerned not only about possible drug use, but also about his general wellbeing.

“Being totally serious,” one fan tweeted. “Ryan acts like someone with TBI = traumatic brain injury. He appears to have cognitive issues.”

His appearance was so concerning that many people took to Mackenzie’s social media accounts to ask about him.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

And Mackenzie wasn’t having it.

When one of her followers asked if he was “on something,” she replied “You are literally so rude. Did your mother not teach you manners?…. If you can’t say anything nice THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.”

Someone tried to explain the rumors to her, writing “People think he is bc of his behavior on the show, like running an errand and it taking 5 hours, or how he sleeps constantly, and his eyes are always dilated.”

But good ol’ Mackenzie responded with “You see a good 10 minutes of our lives on the show. I am pretty sure they’ve never shown any footage of sleeping in the bed, etc.”

“Please stop making assumptions based off of 20 staged minutes of air time. That’s what no one realizes.”

Ryan on Teen Mom OG

But what Mackenzie doesn’t realize is that even if we only see a tiny portion of Ryan’s life, we’ve seen it for years now. And it’s always really, really weird.

So hey, maybe he’s using drugs, maybe he’s not. Maybe he has a health issue we don’t know anything about.

But at the end of the day, Ryan is a bizarre human being whose eyes are constantly dilated.

And until he gets that under control, the rumors will persist.

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