Save money on cucumbers. Here’s how to grow cucumbers in the comfort of your own home

Cucumbers are the perfect addition to your home garden! They are easy to grow, healthy, and perfect for soups and salads. No matter what your vegetable needs are, cucumbers are sure to compliment your garden beautifully.

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Did you know there is a superior way to grow cucumbers? It’s true! Cucumbers can be grown vertically, on a vine, or horizontally, on a bush. The vertical way is much better than the horizontal way, especially when it comes to saving space! According to North County Farmer, growing cucumbers along a vine actually produces more vegetables per crop and makes them much easier to harvest. Follow these simple steps to save space and grow more cucumbers next season!


1. Find a location for your cucumber plant

Cucumbers are warm weather vegetables. Wait until after the cold weather has passed to plant them, and make sure you choose a sunny spot for your plants. Like most plants, cucumbers need plenty of access to sunlight to make energy and grow successfully.



Source: Bonnie Plants

2. Design your planting space

Cucumbers are pretty versatile when it comes to planting. You could even plant them in a container! If that’s not your style, you can also use a trellis or wire cage. Choose something that leaves the plant lots of room to grow, like a tomato cage. According to urban Organic Gardner, bush cucumbers (grown horizontally) can take up to as much as 20 feet of land. Most of us don’t have that kind of land available for cucumbers! A better way to save space is to plant so that the cucumbers grow vertically. Use a vining variety to ensure this effect.


3. Set up a support

Remember, vines need a sturdy support in order to grow properly. Choose something strong like a 2X4, and loosely secure the vines to the support. As the vines grow, they will climb upward on their own. Eventually, they will be able to support themselves.



Source: Bonnie Plants

4. Plant the seedling

Make sure your soil is nutrient rich. You can work compost into the soil to make sure that the plants get all the nutrients they need. If you are growing multiple cucumber plants vertically, plant the seedlings one foot apart.



Source: Untrained Housewife

5. Water Daily

Cucumbers need a lot of water, so make sure you water them regularly. Give them plenty of water each time – this will protect the flavors of the cucumber.



Source: HGTV

6. Check leaves regularly

Check under the leaves to see if any cucumbers are growing yet. Cucumber plants grow fast and can produce a lot of vegetables. You wouldn’t want a veggie to go bad before you even know it’s there!

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