SevenMye Ankle Support, Reliable Stabilizer, with Side Stabilizers and Cross Auxiliary Fixing Belt Strength Protection for Pain Recovery & Enhanced Circulation in Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Running Ankle Support Braces

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Products: fabric permeability, comfortable and convenient sets of wear-style design. It can reduce the ankle pain, rubber foam for better comfort. Prevent or help sprained ankle, to accelerate the recovery of the affected area and rehabilitation of rheumatoid arthritis. Apply to a variety of sports fitness.


Instructions for cleaning: Avoid mixing with other clothing to prevent staining; do not wash in hot water. When the temperature exceeds 65 degrees Celsius, it will damage the fiber structure of the product. Do not bleach, or use a detergent containing bleach ingredients. Please wash in the gentle neutral detergent; do not use softeners, to prevent the damage to the product.

Precautions: Regular cleaning can keep clean and Slow down physical discomfort the skin discomfort caused by the salt exclused from the body.

Function: This ankle support is suitable for sprained ankle, ankle ligament injury and ankle instability patients. Providing the protection during the movement. It can limit the motion of ankle, relieve the pressure, and promote the ankle joint recovery.
This ankle support can help you recover from the pain or injuries from sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Running.
Cross Auxiliary Fixing Belt: Basing on the closed fixed method, crossing straps in instep then in sole of the foot, finally stick on the Velcros. Allowing to adjust customization, enhance the stability and protect for overall ankle.
Made by three premium meterials: mercerized cloth, diving cloth and Velcro, richful materials are to bring you more comfortable experience!
One-year warranty: We guarantee that the item can be replaced within one year, please never mind contacting us if you have any question.

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