Simulated Reality

As computers grow more powerful and complex, the plausibility of simulating an entire universe grows less absurd. In fact, many now believe that our universe could be a vast computer simulation. In this video I explore the relatively new field of digital physics, the plausibility of a simulated universe, and how we may one day create our own universe.


A l e x – I Wasn’t Aloud To Watch Whose Line As A Kid But I Think It’s Pretty Good Now


[Music #2]
Chris Zabriskie – What Does Anybody Know About Anything


[Music #3]
A l e x – Falling Asleep On A Vietnamese Train


[Music #4]
A l e x – The Burn Marks On My EPiano Won’t Go Away


[Music #5]
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Four


[Music #6]
Chris Zabriskie – I Can’t Imagine Where I’d Be Without It


[Music #7]
A l e x – Sleep Next To Me


[Music #8]
Chris Zabriskie – There’s A Special Place For Some People


[Music #9]
Alicks – Next To You




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  1. Two years. I remember the first time I watched this in vivid detail. No other video has ever done that for me. I've rewatched this at least 80 times, although it's probably more.

  2. If our technology would somehow be able to create a simulation of our universe at some point with self aware AI involved its probably a 100% chance we are also in a simulation.

  3. P.S,
    I've also been designing an idea of my own inside my head for YEARS which
    will destroy every "humanoid advancement" to-date…
    Question is, where do I go to make it or sell it?

  4. Rubs fingers on eyes
    Are you trying to tell me… People don't know this?
    This is elementary to me… I've known this before the "simulation theory"…
    Call me God, bow before me… I shall lead ye to light!

  5. Sounds like our laws of physics prevents us from creating our own reality.. hmmm, seems like the devs of our universe dont expect us to simulate reality, or perhaps the true test is to break the laws of physics.

  6. number like pi (3.14) prove that we arent in a simulation as pi goes on forever, it doesnt stop therefore at some point that number will take up all the space on that hard drive and there force we just cant be in one…

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