Single mom bartender serves a truck driver, is caught off guard when he tips her $1000

Kari Anthony, a bartender at Quaker Steak and Lube in Grand Island, got a huge surprise after serving a truck driver dinner and drinks.

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Anthony says the driver was seated at the bar when she started her shift. They started chatting, and he explained that he was spending the night at the truck stop after reaching his daily driving limit.

As they chatted more, the conversation soon transitioned to their families. Kari mentioned that she was a single mother of three, which led to the trucker sharing stories about his own beloved mother.


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“I guess we were able to relate a little bit,” Kari said.

When the driver finished his meal and paid for his tab of $89.72, Kari looked at the tip line and couldn’t believe her eyes– a $1,000 tip on an $89 bill.

After seeing the huge tip, she assumed it was an error, but after confirming it with the gentlemen — it wasn’t.


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Kari didn’t know what to do.

She told him that she “greatly appreciated it, but he didn’t have to. But he insisted on it.”

Even though Anthony insisted several times that the man didn’t have to leave such a big tip, the truck driver held his ground. Anthony then got her shift manager and had her talk with him. The manager talked with the truck driver for nearly 10 minutes, but again, he insisted.

He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

“I was really nervous and shocked,” Anthony said. Her body was shaking because she was so shocked!

The kind truck driver then told Anthony to “do something good for her kids” with the money. Due to the big tip, the mother did something for her kids that she had not been able to afford to do — take them to the Nebraska State County Fair.


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“They got to go to the fair and play games and all the other stuff,” Anthony said. “Normally, because of situations, I would have not been able to do that. But I was able to because of that gentleman. I am just extremely grateful.”

It’s amazing how a little conversation can lead to something so big. Bless this stranger’s heart for his kind actions. It’s people like him who make this world a better place.

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[Source: The Independent ]

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