Strangers hand unaware woman a rose at airport – She cries tears of joy when she learns why

When a man proposes to a woman, it means that she has won over his heart. The man has decided that no other woman will make him as happy as this woman does. This girl learned that she had stolen her man’s heart in an adorably unique way.

Aaron Vergara had not seen his girlfriend Kayla for 8 months. He had been stationed in Hawaii as an airman for the U.S. Air Force. Now that he was finally coming home, he wanted to make his return unforgettable for his beloved girlfriend. She waited for him to get off his flight at the Miami International Airport, but she could never have guessed what would happen next.


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Kayla waited in the lobby of the airport, expecting Aaron to walk up to her any moment. As she stood alone, something unexpected happened. One of the other passengers greeted her by name and handed her an orange rose! Kayla was at a loss for words, but she graciously accepted the rose with a huge smile on her face.

The surprise wasn’t over yet. One by one, more passengers handed the startled Kayla beautiful roses. Finally, some passengers at the end of the rose line explained to her what they were for. “This is for August,” explained one man in a suit as he placed the flower in her hands. More guests gave the names of the months represented by the roses until finally, Kayla learned why she was the destination of so many lovely flowers.


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With eight oranges roses in her hand, Kayla finally caught a glimpse of Aaron. He presented her with yet another rose – this one had a purple tint. “Every rose represents every month you waited for me,” Aaron explained to his overjoyed girlfriend. Kayla blushed as Aaron poured his heart out to her in front of everyone. Then came the big moment.

Aaron took a step forward and got down on one knee. “I have traveled half way around the world, and I haven’t found a girl like you,” he said as he pulled a ring box out of his coat pocket. When asked if she would marry him, Kayla giggled and eagerly held out her hand. The airport-goers’ hearts melted as the two agreed to become one family.


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This is one of the sweetest ideas for a marriage proposal. It is like something straight out of a movie. It is heartwarming to see two people so happy to be together. This story reminds us how lucky we are to be with the ones we love.

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