Teacher of 30 years retires – The students’ farewell to honor him is quickly going viral

When it came time for high school guidance counselor, John Adams, to retire, his students did not let him go out without a memorable goodbye.


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Hundreds of students at Palmerston North Boys’ School in New Zealand synced up to perform a powerful haka for their beloved teacher.

Adams was retiring from his position at the high school after working there for over 30 years. He taught physics for roughly 20 years before transitioning into the role of a guidance counselor. He was popular among staff and students.

When he announced that he’d be retiring from his job at the school, it was obvious that everyone there would miss him.


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At his final assembly, he was treated to a moving performance by his students that he will without a doubt remember for the rest of his life.

Haka is a traditional Maori war dance that is most commonly performed at events celebrating pivotal life moments.

While it is a war dance, the performance of Haka signifies peace and is a representation of the tribe’s pride, strength, and unity. Seeing that Adams was such a crucial member of the school’s pride, strength, and unity, performing a farewell Haka for him was an obvious choice.

The video recorded at the assembly has since gone viral being viewed millions of times.


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When you see the performance, you’ll understand why. It is incredibly moving and powerful. It seems like the perfect send off for a respected member of the school’s community.

This isn’t the only time the boys of Palmerston North Boys’ School have been recorded honoring faculty members with Haka.

Last July, the Palmerston North boys were recorded doing a Haka at another beloved teacher’s funeral. It’s clear that the students at this school are amazing young men who respect and appreciate the incredible faculty.

The passion that the students put into this performance was enough to shake the floors of the auditorium.


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A spokesperson for the school told Daily Mail:

“Mr. Adams has a real affinity for the young men and has worked tirelessly in all of his roles to remove obstacles to student learning and to help ensure that our young men are able to achieve the best possible academic results.”

Clearly, Adams’ impact on the students has made a lasting impression. The passion and respect that goes into this Haka performance is something that you do not want to miss!

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Source: Storyful News, Daily Mail

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