Teacher starts to read children’s book to class, has no idea it’s actually a marriage proposal

Twenty-five-year-old Melanie Goldsmith thought story time was business as usual at the Canoga Park school where she was a teacher. Cracking open a new storybook given to her by her boyfriend, twenty-nine-year-old Eric Hernandez, Melanie thought she would share a fun new story with her students. The catch was, Melanie had not read this book before presenting it to the class.


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Eric wanted to incorporate actual moments from his relationship with Melanie in his proposal, and he decided he would illustrate a children’s book as his way of asking Melanie to marry him.

“Some of the bigger moments, was the memory about the amusement park. She and I had gone to Disneyland and it started raining. Everyone else was running for cover and we sat in the rain together,” Eric recalled as he explained what he incorporated into his book.

Working for days to illustrate a storybook using Photoshop, Eric put together an amazing narrative that detailed his relationship with Melanie.

Eric used two rabbits as the main characters in his illustrated book.

Melanie would be in for a real surprise when she realized the two rabbits actually represented Eric and herself.


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Mentioning his plans secretly to some staff members, the school decided to have an inconspicuous meeting where Melanie would be reading the book out loud to the staff and select classmates.

Eric could tell Melanie was already suspicious of what was happening after reading the first page, especially since the book was literally modeled after her own life and moments she shared with Eric. Still, Melanie kept reading on in the story, and the moment began to unfold as the small audience watched on.

At one point, fully understanding what was about to happen, Melanie was overcome by emotion and joy and could not even read on further. A student sitting beside Melanie grabbed the book and picked up where she left off.


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Eventually, Eric stepped in and read the last bit of the storybook for Melanie as she began to tear up. Ending the story by dropping down to one knee, Eric officially proposed to Melanie. In one of the most creative and adorable ways, Eric Hernandez showed how creativity was still alive in present day marriage proposals.

This creative and heartfelt proposal is unlike any we have seen before – definitely one for the record books. Good luck Eric and Melanie and best of luck during the engagement and the rest of your lives together!

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