TERFs accuse Chinese women runners of being men

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One result of the recent rise in anti-trans campaigning has been the rash of cis women targeted and subjected to harassment as a result. Whether it’s because they’re gender non-conforming in style, or the viewer considers their natural physical features too masculine, these women have been chased out of public toilets and harassed in public for things such as having short hair or not dressing “feminine” enough.

While trans women are still the primary recipients of transmisogynistic harassment, and the focus needs to stay on them, many people have noted the irony of cis women who fail to meet feminine norms also being subjected to this kind of discrimination. Others claim that this is part of the purpose and that the end goal is enforcing traditional gender norms on cis women as well as forcing trans women back into the closet.

Honestly I think it's still an important point to talk about because TERFs are literally spreading misogyny and worsening the patriarchy.A lot of news outlets let their views go uncontested as "feminism" and in that respect it's important to show how at odds that is.

— Future Bona Fide Sword Fucker (@RedOphiuchus) September 3, 2019

I'm afraid I find myself peering at all women's pictures now to work out if it's a real woman. Especially in articles about ground-breaking women.

— Corner_flag ⚽🚴🔭 (@Cornerflag4) September 3, 2019

The most recent high-profile cis victims of this trend are the competitors from a race at the Chinese National Athletics Championship held in Shenyang, China. Twitter users are accusing several of the runners, including Tong Zenghuan and Liao Mengxue, of being men based on nothing but their physical appearances.

These are all cisgender women, from the 2019 National Athletics Championships held in Shenyang – but trans exclusionists…

Posted by Jessica R. Durling on Monday, September 2, 2019

Wow, so we are supposed to believe the two obvious males in this 4×4 women's relay team are women? More cheating in women's sports. They just keep coming.

— Skeptical Mom (@Skeptical_Mom) August 31, 2019

The Chinese Athletics Association has since gone on record confirming that all the competitors are cis women.

Still here you fucking are, claiming to be able to "tell these are not ReAl WiMin". This article states that these are all in fact biological women, however, speculating whether anabolic steroids have been involved. So really, calm down.

— Lena med utenlandsk etternavn (@lenateacup) September 2, 2019

However, despite this, TERFs and their allies are still claiming otherwise on Twitter, unwilling to accept that women who don’t fit their physical standards for womanhood actually exist.

Some people pretend they can't distinguish a male from a female body. I wonder who they think they're kidding with their talk of 'cis women' – what else does that mean but people with a female body? I.e. WOMEN.

— Passie (@Passie_Kracht) September 4, 2019

They're gaslighting you. For all I know, all 4 were natal males, but at least 2 appear to be normal males now. This is some magnificent Chinese trolling, possibly as a challenge to the IAAF.

— Emma Van Vliet (@EmVanVliet) September 3, 2019

More cheating in women’s sport.

— Diane #Deboosted (@dianevk) September 3, 2019

We are genetically programmed to recognise the differences between male & female for procreation purpose. The photograph clearly shows 3 males & 1 female. Thank you for naming it, Helen. The Chinese regime is notoriously repressive. Anyone who believes their spin is very naive.

— Ginger (@63_susan) September 2, 2019

8th rule of misogyny: Men are whatever men say they are and women are whatever men say they are.

— The Bewilderness 🕸 (@tehbewilderness) September 3, 2019

Many of them are also hailing @MsHelenWatts as a persecuted heroine of the women’s movement as she has now set her account to private due to the amount of conflict her tweets have created.

Looks like a great deal of men. Sending support.

— JoWinkleman (@JoWinkle101) September 4, 2019

If it helps – I appreciate you. Women for centuries have had to fight for our rights in the face of hatred and abuse, be proud to call yourself a warrior. Every single woman & man I have spoken to, bar none, agree there is no place for male biology in woman's sport.

— Paula Gosney (@PaulaKGosney) September 4, 2019

If this all seems familiar to you, it’s because it’s happened before. Casta Semenya was subjected to an unbelievable amount of misogynoir and transphobic investigations after her win at the Olympics, and many feel it’s no surprise that the IAAF’s ruling applies specifically to the events she does best in despite their being the ones least impacted by higher testosterone levels. Successful cis women of color, especially Black women like Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, have also regularly been accused of being men in disguise. There’s a long history of attempting to dehumanize women of color, particularly Black women, by attacking their femininity, calling them manly and aggressive, and deriding them for failing to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards. According to white supremacy, women of color are not real women and don’t deserve to be treated as such. The clearly racist angle of the attacks on the Chinese runners form a clear part of that pattern.

That's nowt. You should see the Iranian "Women's" football team.

— [REDACTED] (@ZiggySawdust) September 1, 2019

Tong and Yang? More like Dong and Wang

— Mark Gillon (@mgillon81) September 1, 2019

Know what gets the cake from these replies? That the 3 g.j buys aren't even trying to pass as women. China realizes that western people largely go by stereotypes over taking time to LOOK at a person for 3 seconds. So many bleeding hearts yelling about trans issues and none can…

— ThatPurplePenguin (@ThatPurplePeng1) September 2, 2019

Sum, Ting, Wong

— VK2 (@2222vj) September 2, 2019

Fortunately, a lot of Twitter users are also aware of this and calling it out.

You started this by judging people of colour on their facial features. Don't complain when you end up surrounded by racists who think they're in good company.

🏳‍⚧ VƎX is Trans 🏳‍⚧ (@vexwerewolf) September 2, 2019

When your transphobia and racism reaches such absurd levels you start misgendering cis women 😂Props to the guides for kicking this trash to the curb. Imagine children having to put up with this.

— Social Justice Mage 🧙‍♀️ (@SocialJusticeMg) September 1, 2019

I suppose you think all women should look like the western, 'feminine', white ideal? Like this maybe?Remember how many claimed Michelle Obama was 'a man'?

— Lisa T Mullin (@LisaTMullin) September 1, 2019

Categorising people based on "bone structure" was literally invented and used by racists

— Delighted (@delightedmoth) September 2, 2019

But this still isn’t enough to combat the problem. Women, cis or trans, don’t deserve to have their gender up for public debate and we must stop holding up white femininity as the standard of womanhood. While the runners in question are all cis women, it ultimately shouldn’t matter, and no one should have their body or gender identity publicly dissected like that.


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