The Most Paused Scenes In Hollywood History That You Need To See

Have you ever watched a movie, then spotted something on the screen and gone, “Woah! What was that!” before scrambling around for the remote control, pausing the movie and rewinding back to that specific spot? Well if you have, then you’ll know how these moments became the most paused movie scenes ever.

From steamy moments that we can’t help but want to replay, or scenes where you can spot extras walking behind in the scenes, clues to what will happen later on in the movie, or even evidence supporting new movies of the same franchise coming out soon, we love being the detectives of our own movies. So what are the most paused moments?

The Most Paused Movie Moments

There will be a fair few in here that you will be able to relate to so hard, you will probably smile or roll your eyes, knowing that someone you know – probably even YOU yourself – has paused the tape in that exact moment. The scene with Sharon Stone? Yep, we’ve got it in here. Ever heard about those rumors about the Little Mermaid original? They’re all true. See for yourself…

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