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Grandma and grandpa browse a sex shop to discover cute toys they’ve never seen before! The one they really like lights up, moves in circles, and is electric!
What is it called again?

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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  1. are you serious , a couple of two retired people , goes to the sex shop and played with a dildo ? Have you got no new ideas left for a good prank ? What the hell is this , the people is this world are loosing the good tastes.

  2. As a non-Canadian I find it purely odd (and fantastic) that shopping malls have sex-toy stalls right in the middle and random passers-by will stand there to take care upon a request from the actual salesperson when he/she needs to go for a minute.

  3. U got flagged for sexual content. Please there are kids that watch this YouTube channel I'm 22 so it's ok for me because I understand what's going on but a 2 year old has no idea. And the kid can get punished as well.

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