This Is The One Thing Gordon Ramsay Refuses To Eat

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known chefs in popular culture today. He’s hosted scores of cookery shows, rising like a soufflé to fame as the acerbic host of Hell’s Kitchen. Sometimes I have nightmares about the hypothetical day Gordon Ramsay launches an unstoppable torrent of profanity against my luxurious dinner of beans on toast. It’s a very real fear I live with.

But, if you were to look past the bravado, what would you find? What’s the real Gordon Ramsay like? Because I can’t believe that he’s as aggressive, offensive and rude in real life as he is portrayed on his TV shows. If he is, then my fears hold far more truth than ever imagined.

With the enigmatic Gordon Ramsay in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a little more about him after Refinery29 spoke to the incensed chef. Not only did he keep the swearing to a minimum, he also elaborated on the one food that he refuses to eat. It’s pretty surprising.

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