This Man Looks Unrecognizable After Losing 240 Lbs And Becoming A Personal Trainer

Amazing transformation stories are always incredibly inspiring because many of us know what it feels like to desire a change in any area of one’s life. Seeing people go for their goals and achieve them reminds us that we can do the same. One man who is serving bucket loads of inspiration is Luis Trigo, a 30-year old Atlanta native who has shocked thousands with his incredible physical transformation.

Luis describes himself as a former fast food addict. According to him, he ate fast food all the time and constantly consumed sugary products in order to keep his energy up. His unhealthy approach to food eventually became unsustainable and unfortunately affected his career.

“I would eat McDonald’s for breakfast, two double cheeseburgers for lunch then a pepperoni pizza for dinner.

“And I needed to constantly put sugar in my system to stay alert so I would drink a large coke or a Venti Frappuccino with my meal.

“Eventually, I had to quit my job due to my massive size because it causing mood swings and anxiety attacks.”

Luis says his weight put so much strain on his body that he was exhausted all the time – another factor which compounded his decision to leave his former job. In addition, he received numerous mean-spirited and thoughtless comments which greatly dented his self esteem.

“I received mean comments on a daily basis – people would call me a ‘nobody’ and ask ‘How do you even sit on planes with your size?’  It was very hurtful.”

“I became so large that I was forced to quit my job because I was too tired to even stand.”

Sadly losing his job caused Luis’ weight to spiral even further as he became even more inactive and continued his fast food based diet. In his own words, unemployment caused him to “pile on the weight within a matter of months.” As difficult as this was, it was not rock bottom. Luis’ wake-up call came in form of a sudden trip to the hospital.

“When I was rushed to emergency care weighing 400lbs (28.5 stone), it was a turning point for me. Going to hospital was a huge wake-up call for me. I realised I could be dead soon if I didn’t make some changes to my life.

“I realised that I could either die right there and then – or I could make something of my life and finally conquer the demons. I decided to lose weight right after the heart monitor was taken off of me.”

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