Top 10 Movies Way Too Upsetting to Watch Twice

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  1. I certainly agree with your number 1 pick. Schindler's List is a very well made movie, but it is too emotional to see again. When I saw it, there was not a dry eye at the end.

  2. The Green Mile is rough to watch emotionally. If you feel zero emotion especially when Michael Clarke Duncan said, “he’s afraid of the dark” and the way he said it you sir or ma’am are a strong person.

  3. If you want to watch the movie “The Mist” for a second time you are a sick person……sick” dang @Watchmojo kind of cold sheesh lol. It’s not the worst movie someone could watch twice lol.

  4. Dancer in the Dark is up there with Requiem for a Dream. “I use to dream that I was in a musical. Because in a musical nothing dreadful ever happens.” -Selma, Dancer in the Dark.

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