What does it take to draw a charge in the NBA Playoffs, and why did Kevin Love only go 1-for-3 in Game 2?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The block-charge is the hardest call for an official to make at any level of basketball, but in the NBA playoffs, the high stakes make it incredibly difficult to get the call right.

On Monday, Cavaliers forward Kevin Love stepped in front of Indiana Pacers shooters on three different occasions in an attempt to draw player control fouls. He was rewarded once, with a call against Kevin Seraphin in the third quarter.

Twice prior to that call, Love appeared to be in position to take a charge, once against Paul George and later Jeff Teague, but did not get the call.

In the fourth quarter, Love tried to take a charge against Jeff Teague, but official James Williams called Kyrie Irving for a foul instead. Replay showed Love was in the restricted circle and would have been called for a block anyway.

So, why is the block-charge such a difficult call to get right? What did Love do differently against Seraphin that he did not do (according to the calling officials) against George and Teague?

Let’s take a look at what has to happen for a defender to draw a charge.

By Joe Noga, cleveland.com

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