What Is Veganism? (+ Why You Should Be Vegan)

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  1. Fuck that ima cooks some bacon just to piss every fucking vegan and vegetarian there is, the dude sounds like he tried to do an all nighter and apparently the animals are gonna kill us apparently ( cause fucken cows gonna come outta the farm with mechettes and start chopping heads

  2. You are not going to change a natural cycle using this video. You need to read biology books or have religion if you say killing animal is bad, then stop killing plans as well.
    Believe or not God created us to live this way

  3. My boyfriend and mom never understand why I want to go vegan (I'm currently vegetarian but trying to convert over to veganism) and whenever I try to say why eggs and dairy are wrong they just don't understand and have even gone so far as to tell me this isn't happening to these animals when I've done a lot of research and they don't even know anything. It upsets me when people just brush me off about my beliefs because none of my research counts it just isn't happening.

  4. Although i dont agree with the way the animals are killed these days,i still fucking love meat.i do think that the way animals are slaughtered should be reformed but i see no use of this video.

  5. So u can eat plants? Plants have pain plants have emotion even plants have memmory do you not know of that? So should i make a video and sound like robot talking about how plants feel.there is a reason for everything we cannot change the way carnivores animals eat other animals so you think god is cruel?? Bro think yourself before taking a stupid decision.

  6. I ate a cow today

    It was delicious
    Im sorry but its the truth idc if your vegan but if you truly care about the animals know not everyone is gonna be vegan, so the best way to get meat is to hunt it plain and simply.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible, informative and beautiful video! We are more and more people on this earth who have chosen veganism and there will be more and more of us every day. As you say in this video: "Ignorance can´t last forever!" This kind of information is hard to watch, but it is necessary in order to increase awareness. I have, on my behalf, informed people around me, but… some just don´t care. I wonder, if we are one day forced to face the world where ANIMALS TAKE OVER and do the same with us humans…I know, a silly thought, but we never know what´s going to happen. It is so sad, that sometimes things have to go "too far" in order to wake us all up! I hope the citizens of this planet will wake up and make a change before it is too late!

  8. Most vegans are convinced that they are better than everyone. Being vegan is more of an extension of their ego than a desire to eat right. They go to a restaurant and then they make a Youtube video of what non-meat foods they ate. When do non-vegans go to a restaurant and then make a video saying "I had the beef nachos and my friend had the chicken cesar salad"? Nobody cares about food that much except vegans who are trying to prove that they are superior to non-vegans. The worst is when they go around showing people videos of how animals are slaughtered. That's the same as someone showing them videos of under-nourished vegans dying.

  9. It shows a human laying in a field whist hugging a cow. Did you check the patch of land for insects, worms and so on before? Whist walking to that patch of land, did you spend hours, crawling and looking for insects or worms so you did not crush and murder innocent life? Let me kill hundreds or thousands of insects and worms walking across a field to hug one cow.

    Oh, the hypocrisy is cringeworthy and very disturbing for the true progression to keep all life safe.

  10. Were I live cows are taken away from there mothers with there mothers still haveong some milk and so the cage still gets milk so I'm going begin but I can still drink mild yaaaa!

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