Wilson Outdoor basketball, Rough Surfaces, Asphalt, Synthetic Floors, Size 7, 12 years and up, WAVE PHENOM, Orange, WTB0885

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The Wilson NCAA Wave Phenom basketball comes in an official size (29.5″) and is manufactured from rubber. The ball incorporates a fabulous Triple Thread technology to ensure excellent playability and enhanced durability. The additional 24 T3 Grooves area added to the normal flat panels of the basketball results in superior control.Outdoor basketball, Size 7 (Circumference 2.2 ft., Weight 1.3 lb), Standard size for ages 12 and up
Basketball with special coating for rough surfaces, Perfect for asphalt or granular floors
Sturdy rubber material for ultimate durability, Improved control for any type of performance with the Wave Triple Threat corrugated coating, Optimal handling thanks to grain grooves
Optimal air pressure from 0.49 to 0.63 bar, Easy and quick to inflate with basketball pump (not included) at any sports store or gas station
Contents: 1 Wilson Basketball, WAVE PHENOM, Outdoor, Size 7, 12 years and up, Weight 0.99 lb, Circumference 2.2 ft., WTB0885

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