Without Saying a Word This 6 Minute Short Film Will Make You Speechless

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  1. I know this makes people sad but just think about it we’re basically at the top of the food chain so we are top predators. Predators need to eat the prey which are animals like chickens pigs and cows for us. But it’s still sad 😢 😭😭

  2. this is why i'm have of vegetarian but mustliy

    vegetarian i now that they do that to them but what the hell

    like i love animals that why i do feel bad for them that they do that i just cry

    beuase of that

  3. i wa speechless i hate this man i need my boyz Julio and Carlito up in here to fix this what messed me up was the pigs and the coes just look how the pigs are trying to escape but they cant and the mother pigs are just forcing their milk away for pigs who probably aint even there baby. one like more help for thes animals

  4. I didn't quite understand it, but the stages did leave me speechless. I watched an animal slaughterhouse video before this one and all I'm gonna say is: think twice when there is a meal of meat in front of you or when you are buying it. Because I will.

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