Woman Learns Co-Worker is Banging Her Bae, Exacts Revenge

It's time to meet @AyanaTheDIVA.

This Twitter user has gone viral due to the story of her co-worker, the friendship the two developed while employed by the same restaurant… and the man they apparently both were banging.

Take it away, AyanaTheDIVA! Tell us exactly what happened…

1. We Have Something in Common

We have something in common
So this Tweet sets the general stage: a new co-worker was bragging about her hot man… only for our heroine to discover this hot man was her boyfriend!

2. #SameBae Problems…

Number samebae problems
Here is how the whole thing started.

3. We Have the Same Taste in Men!

We have the same taste in men
Little did Ayana know.

4. You Think THAT Guy is Hot?!?

You think that guy is hot
Let me show you THIS guy!

5. Setting the Stage

Setting the stage
We’re getting to the good stuff, don’t worry.

6. Remember That Fine Stud of Mine?

Remember that fine stud of mine
Oh yes. Now it’s getting good…

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