Woman Uses PowerPoint to Proves She’s the Ideal Girlfriend

Lizzy Fenton has gone to a length we’ve never before seen in an attempt to date the man of her dreams.

As documented below, the college student (who is studying Genetics, Cell Biology and Development) actually created a PowerPoint titled “Why You Should Date Me” and send it to her crush; some dude named Carter.

The presentation highlights Fenton's personality, hair and, yes, her boobs.

It's an impressive creation, no doubt, but was it an effective one?

Scroll down to read all about Lizzy… why she thinks she makes an ideal girlfriend… and what Carter said in response.

1. This is Lizzy

This is lizzy
Let’s start by putting a face to what you’re about to see.

2. No Shame Here

No shame here
Lizzy told all her followers on Twitter about her plan. She even sent them the following photos!

3. Why You Should Date Me

Why you should date me
Lizzy didn’t mince any words or beat around any bushes when it came to titling her presentation.

4. I’m a SERIOUS Girlfriend

Im a serious girlfriend
Trust me. Your family will be impressed.

5. You Don’t Need To Be Monogamous!

You dont need to be monogamous
I mean, you do. For sure. This wouldn’t be an open relationship. But I can make it look like you have multiple girlfriends!

6. A Growth Chart

A growth chart
About boobs. This is a growth chart about her boobs. Lizzy is either very desperate or very smart. Perhaps some of both.

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