1. Introduction and Scope

MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Patrick Winston

In this lecture, Prof. Winston introduces artificial intelligence and provides a brief history of the field. The last ten minutes are devoted to information about the course at MIT.

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  1. +Ella Shar The 6.034 course has 6.01 and 18.02 for prerequisites. You must be able to program in Python, and understand search algorithms (depth-first, breadth-first, uniform-cost, A*) and basic probability and state estimation (covered in 6.01). You will also need to know what the chain rule is and partial derivatives and dot products (covered in 18.02).

  2. so finished video ,i understand artificial intelligence is constraints exporsed by representation that support models targeted at thinking perception and action.so how to use the AI in education particularly elementary school students.

  3. One of the best lecture I have attended, pretty happy to came across this. Thank you MIT and Mr.Winston to put it on internet, made it available for public. Attending regular courses are out of bound for me, but these kinds of sources helped me a lot. Please keep doing the good work.

    Thanks you so much !!

  4. Dude, if we're not allowed using laptops, then maybe you should stop adding/changing what you write on the board >:(

    "Thinking" ❌
    "Thinking, Perception and action" ❌
    "Models targeted at thinking, perception and action" ❌
    "Representations that support models targeted at thinking, perceptions and actions"❌
    "Constraints exposed by representations that support models targeted at thinking, perception and action" ❌
    "Algorithms enabled by constraints exposed by representations that support models targeted at thinking, perception and action" ✅

    Wasted a whole page writing this shit? ✅

  5. Only thing that i have to say for everyone who is intrested in learning AI , Dont click the Google Deep Mind Suggested along with this video . we want to build Ai that do good not evil

  6. How is this course playlist to be followed as in should we watch the mega recitation at the end of all 23 main videos or do we need to interleave it with the main ones ..?

  7. Could someone please tell me if the prerequisites indicated by MIT are really necessary for a general understanding of the issue for a Philosophy student intended to write a very important paper about AI?

    Ps. Of course I'm reading and studying more specific books/lectures/audiobooks and so on, but I also want to achieve a general technical understanding of AI, but not SO technical.

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